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7 koppies koekmeel
6 teelepels bakpoeier
1 teelepel koeksoda
1 teelepel sout
1/2 teelepel kremetart

2 eiers
2 koppies karringmelk
1 koppie suiker
125 g gesmelte margarien

Verhit oond tot 180 C
Voeg al die bestanddele bymekaar
Druk in plat bakplaat
Bak vir halfuur en sny in blokkies. Draai beskuitjies om.
Bak vir nog ‘n halfuur by 160 C
Droog uit.


>>>>foto: Selma Swarts

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  1. posted by Brian on November 26, 2016

    Hi, what temperature should I put the oven on to dry the rusks out if i don’t have a warmer drawer?

    • posted by Boerekos on November 26, 2016

      Hi Brian, after baking let the rusks completely cool, break/cut the rusks apart, arrange on a baking rack and dry in a 90°C oven for about 3-5 hours, turn occasionally; until the rusks are dry, crunchy and brittle.

      Let it cool completely and store in an air-tight container, these rusks will last far longer than it will take you to devour them; months, I should think, but I’ve never been able to keep them that long, so don’t take my word for it.

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